Nigeria Ranks 4th in The World For Employee Well-being

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In the recent 2023 survey by the McKinsey Health Institute, Nigeria and Cameroon emerged as leaders in employee well-being among African countries, boasting impressive ratings of 69%. Egypt followed closely at 63%. Survey respondents from Nigeria reported strong scores across various dimensions, with 72% in good social health, 69% in physical health, 79% in spiritual health, and 79% in mental health, surpassing the global average of 57%.

Cameroon stood out with the lowest rates of workplace burnout symptoms at 9%, well below the global average of 20%. Survey participants from Cameroon highlighted positive metrics, including 74% in good social health, 63% in physical health, 84% in spiritual health, and 80% in mental health.

On a global scale, Turkey claimed the top spot for the highest employee well-being, reaching 78%, with India at 76% and China at 75%. In contrast, Japan ranked lowest with a 25% score. The report emphasized that positive work experiences contributed to better holistic health, increased workplace innovation, and enhanced job performance.

The global survey, which encompassed over 30,000 workers across 30 countries, revealed that 22% of employees are experiencing burnout symptoms, with significant variations between countries. The report recommended organizational, team, job, and individual interventions, such as flexible working policies, leadership training, job crafting and redesign, and digital programs on workplace health, to enhance overall employee well-being.