How to Land your Dream Job with Zero Experience

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If you have zero experience and you are job hunting, this article is for you. Make sure you read till the end. Getting a job with no experience is not very easy, but you can land a job if you follow the steps.

You can still find work even if you lack experience. Simply put, that means you must approach your job hunt carefully.

If you follow the steps in this article, I am very sure you will get a job in no time.

  1. Get a professional CV and cover letter: Many people believe they can write a CV and cover letter by Googling how to write a CV and cover letter. Get a professional to write your CV and cover letter. They know the key words in your career path. They know how to arrange and write a very acceptable CV and cover letter. They know to tailor the CV to a particular career.
  2. Look for internships: Internships improve your CV while also providing you with knowledge and experience. Internships make you stand out from the crowd. Internships allow you to receive compensation while learning firsthand about a position or organization, are helpful for expanding one’s network of contacts, and occasionally result in a permanent position. Email companies and offer to intern with them. This will help expand your network. You can take matters into your own hands by working on a portfolio that showcases your abilities.
  3. Network online and offline; we can’t overemphasize this. Build your network, attend seminars, workshops, and career fairs. This helps put you out there and you get to meet people who can recommend you for a position. Try creating and optimizing a LinkedIn profile, as well as following companies and individuals in your desired career path.
  4. Try applying for an entry level or graduate trainee position: Entry level positions require zero experience, and it is the best place to kickstart your career, gain experience and knowledge.
  5. Learn technology skills: Many of you are familiar with Microsoft but are unaware of the new upgrade or the Microsoft tech section You may not be a tech guru, but receiving a digital literacy certificate or Microsoft Office 365 certification will look good on your CV. The firm will like to hire you because they know they don’t have to teach you the basics.
  6. Take professional courses and get certified. Take professional courses in courses that are in demand, like coding, customer service, social media management, product/project management. Doing this will give you a higher hand. This certification makes your CV stand out.
  7. Highlights your transferable skills: these are skills that you can bring from one job to another, and they can be hard skills such as coding or soft skills such as problem solving, communication, and so on. Highlighting your pertinent transferrable talents is an excellent strategy to convince an employer of your value when you don’t have any prior work experience in the sector.
  8. Apply Speculatively : Don’t apply to advertised jobs only. Reach out to companies that interest you, demonstrate you’ve done your research and ask if there are any opportunities for you as you are looking to break into the industry.

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